Air Duct Cleaning Portland

Floor Vent Before & AfterOne very important and necessary task that should be completed long before the Portland air duct cleaning technicians arrive at your home is cleaning and sanitizing all the equipment that will be used during the air duct cleaning process. You can rest assured the lower and upper components of any vacuum we use are cleaned and sanitized before ever job. This includes bleaching, de-greasing and then air-drying of the simple shop vac bottoms. All motors are blown out with the air compressor and sanitized. Each of the shop-vac filters (all 96 pleats) are individually vacuumed and then blown out with an air compressor to remove all debris, after all the indoor air quality in your home is a #1 concern of ours, the vacuums used while air duct cleaning should have the best filters. The use of “Negative Air Machines” make up a big part of the air duct cleaning process and they are equipped with a three stage filtration system. Larger filters, called socks make up the first line of defense, as you can imagine these socks can be very dirty sometimes full after the air duct cleaning process. The process of cleaning the socks includes, vacuuming each one, then removing by hand any particles embedded in the material. At times the socks are lightly soiled and are hand washed with a special cleaning agent. This allows the air duct cleaning technician to give you, the home owner the best before and after picture of the duct work. Every Portland technician involved in making the air you breathe the best, should be very dedicated and conscientious about each task involved including the Equipment Detail Tech.

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