Air Duct Cleaning

DSC_0633The air duct cleaning process is a multi-step process that in your average home will take two technicians 3 to 4 hours to complete. We begin with a tour of your home in order to locate all the registers and grilles. All the while addressing any special circumstances and concerns. After the tour of all of the vents we look at the furnace together and answer any questions that you may have. Next we’d love a chance to show off our clean and sanitized equipment, including a large industrial negative air machine and a simple shop vac that we bleach and clean before bringing into your home. One technician will start the scratch and polish process which involves opening each floor or wall register and hand polishing the metal boot itself which is found beneath the floor register. Then using the small vacum he will remove all debris from the top of the vent to avoid pushing that debris through your system. The other technician will be isolating each side of your system near the furnace and attaching the negative air machine in order to pull negative pressure on all the air ducts in the home. Once the system is under pressure we seal each vent in the house and starting with the furthest vent from the furnace we open them one at a time and navigate our air whips through each air duct line. These air whips are four to six, 10 inch rubber tubes that look like spagetti strings on the end of a specially designed head that agitates the top, sides and of course the bottom of your air duct work, then with specially designed rods we navigate this whip from the vent inside your home back to the furnace. All the debris we agitate and knock loose is pushed on one side and pulled from the other. All materials and contaminants are then captured in the HEPA filters in our negative air machine to keep all the dust and debris out of your home. After running each duct line from the home, we repeat this process from the access points near the furnace to ensure the most thorough job possible. This truly is the finest air duct cleaning service on the planet!

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