Anti-Microbial Sanitation

We sanitize everything these days. We sanitize everything in our kitchens, our bathrooms and our hands in order stay germ and bacteria free to avoid sickness and allergies. Did you know that you can sanitize the air you breathe in your home? An Anti-Microbial Sanitation fog treatment will keep your air ducts sanitized for 6 months and even help to protect against the flu virus. We use a special fogger to apply a cleaning agent called Sporicidin into your air ducts to completely sanitize your entire air duct system. Sporicidin is an EPA registered product and is recommended over bleach to combat bacteria, mold and fungus. Here in the Vancouver and Portland areas we have high levels of mold, fungus and bacteria due to the Pacific Northwest climate. In the event of a fire or water home damage it’s important to have your air ducts and furnace cleaned, as these type of disasters can result in extremely high levels of mold, fungus, bacteria and odors. It’s equally important to have a Anti-Microbial Sanitation service performed as well as the mold, fungus, bacteria and odors left behind can stay around for along time.

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