Do Your Air Ducts Need to be Cleaned?

dirty air duct

Our answer is “yes, of course they need to be cleaned!”. If your not sure you can start by performing a visual inspection yourself. If your not sure than you can contact Better Air Northwest to find out. We use a camera that snakes through the duct work to see if your system is in need of cleaning. The most common things you will find in a dirty air duct system include, clogs of dust, cobwebs, and debris. You may also notice particles blowing out of supply registers. Shockingly you may find visible mold on the inside surfaces of the ducts, rodent droppings and dead insects. If you are experiencing any of these conditions call your local air duct cleaning specialist.

Air ducts can be cleaned several ways. The most effective and safe is the air sweep system. With the system under negative air pressure, compressed airlines and agitation tool are navigated through each vent of the air duct system, removing all unwanted contaminants.

The second is the mechanical brush known as the Roto-Brush system. A rotating brush is fed into the ductwork and a vacuum sucks away the debris. The rotary brush is very invasive and may damage older or poorly installed systems, and is not recommended.

Last but not least never be fooled by the 69$ or $99 air duct cleaning special. After all the added charges and hook up fees you’re likely to pay twice as much as you would with a reputable company that has upfront pricing.

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