Do Your Air Ducts Needs an Anti-Microbial Sanitation?

Dirty Air Duct

We live in a world full of germs and odors and unfortunately many of those germs and odors reside in our homes. Although we vacuum, dust, clean and scrub, sometimes it seems like just can’t get rid of some of those bad smells. That’s because we don’t always get to the heart of the problem, because many of those germs and odors are actually coming from our air ducts.

Air ducts are full of bad odors, germs and dust, which is why getting your air ducts cleaned is always a good idea. Of course our standard air duct cleaning service for homes and business in Vancouver and Portland is a great value. However, At Better Air Northwest we also offer an outstanding anti-microbial sanitation service that can be added to your air duct cleaning.

This service is great for anyone who suffers from allergy or cold symptoms like a stuffed or runny nose, or dry and itchy eyes. Our anti-microbial sanitation service not only helps relieve allergy symptoms, but it also removes unpleasant odors. It doesn’t just mask bad smells, either; it actually removes them from your air ducts.

If your home or office continues to be full of unpleasant odors, then give Better Air NW a call and set up an anti-microbial-sanitation appointment today.

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