Duct Sealing

air duct sealingWe consider our service to be the finest duct cleaning service on the planet, certainly there is no better service in Portland and Vancouver. We are continuing our education and seeking to get even better! Since the beginning of our company in 2009, air duct cleaning is the only service we’ve offered. In continuing our education we have been trained and decided to offer duct sealing as a separate service. We have found over years of putting negative pressure on air duct systems during the vent cleaning process, that leaky ductwork and sometimes completely disconnected ductwork is often the cause of inadequate air flow in areas of the home. You may have noticed high utility bills in the summer or the winter. Maybe one or two rooms in the home are difficult to heat and cool or you may have stuffy rooms that just never feel right. These are a few fairly obvious signs that you may have poorly performing ductwork in your home. There are significant benefits to having your ducts sealed like energy efficiency, a more comfortable home, and a safer home. Sealing your ductwork will improve the indoor air quality in your home. Fumes from chemicals, insulation particles, and dust can enter the home through the duct system. This can aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms. We are air duct cleaners at heart and always will be. Duct sealing just makes sense and over time it can save you dollars and cents! We are excited to be offering duct sealing in addition to our award winning air duct cleaning in Portland and Vancouver.

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