Hepa Filtered Negative Air Machine


The air duct cleaning process has many steps and in a home there is always a way to complete the task and do it well. We believe the absolute, most important piece to the air duct cleaning is the technicians performing the work. This is very important when looking to hire an air duct cleaning company for your home. The EPA’s preferred method of air duct cleaning is known as the push-pull method, this method starts by attaching a negative air machine to the plenums in both the supply and return side of the system where all the air comes from before it enters your duct work and eventually into your home. The Turbo-jet 4200 is a negative air machine that we use on many residential and commercial jobs. This duct cleaning monster is the most powerful negative air machine made by the industries leader in duct cleaning equipment and technology. It has twin motors that run with normal 120 volt power to run the three phase motors. The twin three phase motors allow for smooth start-ups and it’s easy on the electricity inside the home. These twin motors produce both high static pressure and lots of airflow between 3,000 and 5,000 cubic feet per minute. The Turbo-jet 4200 fits in most doorways and with the right technicians you can set the machine right in basements where the furnace may be located. It has convenient stair climbers built in that make it a duct cleaners dream on stairs. Combine a well trained and thorough technician with the Turbo-jet 4200 and it’s time for air duct cleaning!

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