We Are Part of Your Community

Evergreen Little League

At Better Air Northwest it’s our passion to keep the homes and offices of the Portland, Vancouver and surrounding areas free of dust and pollens that build up in your air ducts. However, we also have other passions, and like many of our customers we’re all about family. We are a family run business and we all believe in being part of the community. That’s why we support any kind of activity that will help improve our community.

Proud Sponsor of ELL

At Better Air Northwest we are proud to back Evergreen Little League (ELL) and all the boys and girls who participate in the baseball and softball programs through ELL. We know that our kids are our future and we endorse any activity that will keep them involved and engaged in physical activity. Little League has long helped young boys and girls learn new skills, develop their talents and make new friends, all while having fun.

Better Air Northwest and Little League Baseball

That’s why we are proud to sponsor ELL. If you want to see a good old ball game then head out to Evergreen Little League throughout the rest of April, May and June and catch some of the action. Meantime, if your air ducts need a cleaning, then contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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