Why Clean Your Dryer Vent?

dryer vent cleaning

There are two major reasons why you should have a dryer vent cleaning every three years or more frequently for larger households that do more laundry.

1) Your dryer vent will work better and is more efficient. Less energy is used to dry your clothes. The design of the dryer is pretty straightforward. The clothes get tumbled in hot air, and then the wet air is forced through the dryer vent to the outside of the home. The lint trap does some of the work by catching the fibers the come off your clothes, but the stuff that gets passed the lint trap lands in the dryer vent. Even if you clean the lint filter after each load you’ll need to give your dryer vent a thorough cleaning to prevent lint build up and forcing your dryer to work longer to do it’s job.

2) Approximately 10,000 home fires are caused by clothes dryers each year. Dryer fires usually start beneath the dryer when the motor overheats. Overheating is caused by a buildup of lint in the dryer vent that increases the drying time and blocks the flow of air. Any lint that has collected under the dryer will burn and the draft from the dryer will pull the fire into the dryer vent. Since the dryer vent may be coated or even blocked with lint, many times a house fire results. You can help protect yourself from dryer lint buildup with regular cleanings and cleaning your lint screen carefully after each load, and never run your dryer unattended. If your dryers taking more than one cycle to dry a normal load, it is likely that the dryer vent system is dirty or clogged. It is very important but many neglect to have their dryer vent system cleaned.

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